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YSET Academy

Youth Social Educational Training

"Learn More To Earn More"

Founded in 2003, YSET is an academic and vocational program

designed to help students learn in engaging ways. YSET Academy is an after-school and job training program for youth ranging from 15 years -24 years of age.

The program offers fun-filled educational workshops such as Culinary Arts, Science-Technology-Engineering-Math (STEM), Martial Arts, Visual Arts, Literacy and Social and Emotional Development. Our workshop lessons are aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. As a result, students can become better prepared to take the MCAS and other standardized tests as well as become prepared for countless future endeavors. 

YSET is designed to prepare youth to work productively with a team, to independently problem solve, to learn etiquette and social engagement, and to develop creative skills.

Program Goals:

  • Teach students lessons from our fun-filled project-based curriculum
  • Provide hands-on projects to connect life to learning
  • Equip students with opportunities to work collectively in a team and to independently problem solve
  • Develop communication and social skills for growth and future opportunities
  • Offer level appropriate workshops for youth ages 15 years- 24 years of age.
  • Earn income or experience through entrepreneurial ventures

YSET Academy

57 School Street

Springfield, MA 01105

YSET is a non-profit organization